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The Middle Republican Natural Resources District is responsible
for the protection of the natural resources
and assists landowners in planning, funding,
and applying conservation practices.

Nebraska Cooperative Republican Platte Enhancement (N-CORPE)

NCORPE Crops for 2013

N-CORPE is an interlocal agency formed in Fall 2012 by four Natural Resources Districts to increase stream flows in the Republican and Platte Rivers. The agency has purchased land in Lincoln County, Nebraska that will be retired from irrigation so that water can be transported via pipelines and tributaries to the Republican and Platte Rivers. A portion of the project may be operational by Summer 2013.

Member Districts

Quick Facts:

  • Total project area is 19,500 acres.
  • 15,800 acres are certified irrigated acres
  • 15,000 acre feet of water will be available annually.
  • Aquifer thickness in project area is 400 to 600 feet.
  • Occupation taxes on irrigated acres will finance the project.
  • Project cost of water produced is $300 to $500 per acre foot.
  • 5,360 acres of project area is located within the Twin Platte NRD.
  • 10,400 acres of project area is located within the Middle Republican NRD.
  • During normal years of precipitation, pumping will not be necessary into the Republican River Basin.

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