Board Vacancy:

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Notice is hereby given of a vacancy on the Middle Republican Natural Resources District Board of Directors.  Pursuant to N.R.S. §2-3215, the Board of Directors of a Natural Resources District shall provide notice to the public in the event of a vacancy by publishing in a newspaper of general circulation within the district or by posting in three public places in the district. Effective January 10, 2023, the Middle Republican Natural Resources District (MRNRD) has a vacancy in subdistrict 1 due to no candidate being elected in the 2022 election for that subdistrict. Since the vacancy has occurred prior to August 1 of the second year of the unexpired term, he falls under the criteria for N.R.S. §2-3215(3)(a). Someone will need to be appointed to fill the remainder of the term, which will have a shortened term length expiring on January 14, 2025. N.R.S. §2-3215 provides that a board vacancy shall be filled by the MRNRD Board of Directors. The person appointed by the board shall have the same qualifications as the person he or she succeeds. Such appointment must be in writing and filed with the Secretary of State. The MRNRD Board of Directors need to appoint someone to fill this vacancy by majority vote for this shortened term length. This vacant position will then go on the November 5, 2024 ballot. The MRNRD Board of Directors is accepting applications and letters of interest for appointment to the Board of Directors for this shortened term length mailed to MRNRD, PO Box 81, Curtis, NE 69025 by April 1, 2023. Please contact Jack Russell, MRNRD General Manager, at 308-367-4281 if there are questions about this vacancy.