Non-Irrigated Status 2017 Form & Information

 I understand by certifying the Non-Irrigated Status of the above mentioned property, I will not be charged Occupation Tax for Tax Year 2017 only.  I understand I must apply for this exemption each year before June 1st to avoid being charged the Occupation Tax.

Medicine Creek Watershed Study: Status Check #1

Tasks 1 & 2 have been successfully completed. A comprehensive physical characterization of the model domain has been developed, including a robust 3-D model for use in Task 3, Model Construction. A qualitative evaluation of climate data for the model duration time period has been conducted for use in predictive simulations. Trends in water use have been quantified for all periods of available date. A preliminary simulation framework had been developed.

MRNRD Pooling Agreement

I understand by requesting the right to pool the use of the ground water that I am expected to comply with the District rules, regulations or controls in effect or properly adopted at a later date.  Documentation must be provided to the District showing common management between the parties of the wells listed above (example: FSA documentation showing owner/tenant relationship or a copy of the land lease) AND all owners must sign this agreement and their signature must be notarized to be considered for appr