Cost Share

 The Middle Republican Natural Resources District offers cost-share programs to land owners wanting to apply conservation practices promoting water and soil conservation as well as water quality.

Landowners can utilize land treatment practices such as terraces, grassed waterways, diversions, terrace enlargements, or grass seeding.  Well decommissioning, flow meters, and other irrigation water management methods are encouraged.

Funds from the Nebraska Soil and Water Conservation Program are used first whenever possible. Local Conservation Program funds are available for practices not previously funded and for those not covered under the state program.

The NRCS provides landowners the technical assistance to implement the requested practices.

Nebraska Soil and Water Conservation Program (NSWCP)

The Middle Republican NRD participates in and administers the Nebraska Soil and Water Conservation Program (NSWCP). An annual appropriation from the State of Nebraska is available for conservation practices within the MRNRD. Eligible practices within the NSWCP are:

  • terraces
  • terraces underground outlets
  • windbreak renovation
  • water impoundment dams
  • grassed waterways
  • grade stabilization structures
  • irrigation water management
  • tailwater recovery pits
  • sediment control basins
  • stream bank stabilization
  • critical area planting
  • grass seeding
  • practice repair
  • windbreaks
  • livestock pits
  • diversions
  • grazing systems

The MRNRD will pay 50% of the county average cost to implement the conservation practices.

Local Conservation Program

The Local Conservation Program (LCP) supplements the NSWCP. Money for LCP is budgeted in the MRNRD's budget. In FY2001-02 more than $130,000 was budgeted for practices such as:

  • all NSWCP practices
  • well abandonment (decommissioning)
  • terrace enlargements
  • flow meters

The MRNRD will pay 60% on well abandonment applications and 50% on all others. The LCP provides 50% towards the purchase and installation of flow meters on wells out of the alluvial area. The cost-share rate on flow meters is subject to change depending on funds available from the State of Nebraska. For current information check with the Middle Republican NRD office.

How Do I Apply For Cost Share?

Follow these simple steps to apply for most cost-share assistance:

  • The landowner applies at the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS).
  • NRCS staff will assist the landowner with the initial project design and review.
  • The NRCS staff will submit the cost share application for review to the MRNRD.
  • The landowner and NRCS meet to create a final design. Applications previously denied can be corrected at this point.
  • NRCS staff will return the application to the MRNRD. Funding will be reserved when available and when the landowner begins the project.
  • When the project is completed, NRCS staff will inspect it to see that all design criteria has been met.
  • Any deficiencies must be corrected at this point.
  • The landowner then submits all bills for this project to the NRCS.
  • The NRCS submits the application for payment to the MRNRD.
  • A check is issued to the landowner when the request is approved.