Nebraska's NRDs are involved in a wide variety of projects and programs to conserve and protect the state's natural resources. NRDs are charged under state law with 12 areas of responsibility:

  • erosion prevention and control
  • prevention of damages from flood water and sediment
  • flood prevention and control
  • soil conservation
  • water supply for any beneficial uses
  • development, management, utilization, and conservation of groundwater and surface water
  • pollution control
  • solid waste disposal and drainage
  • drainage improvement and channel rectification
  • development and management of fish and wildlife habitat
  • development and management of recreational and park facilities
  • forestry and range management

While all NRDs share these responsibilities, each district sets its own priorities and develops its own programs to best serve local needs.

Districts often team with other agencies to carry out projects. Technical services and administration for many NRD programs are provided by the Natural Resources Conservation Service. State funding for flood control and soil and water conservation projects is administered through the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources. Local partners often include cities, counties, and extension offices.

Water Resources

It is the policy of the Middle Republican NRD to carry out programs that encourage efficient water use and protect the quality of ground water. Preserving an adequate supply of clean, high quality  groundwater to help sustain the area's economy and provide for future needs is the primary purpose of the current plan.

Tree Planting

The Middle Republican has many varieties of trees and shrubs available to landowners. Trees may be purchased as hand plants - where you plant the trees yourself,
or as machine plantings, where the district crews plant them for you. The tree planting crew, using a machine treeplanter, are capable of planting thousands of seedlings in a day.

Water conservation mulch, to control weeds and conserve water, is also available and is recommended for most plantings to give your trees the best chance at survival.


 Log onto the NeRAin Website by clicking below on the link. 

In April 2004, The Middle Republican NRD, along with 12 other NRDs, launched the Nebraska Rainfall Assessment and Information Network (NeRAIN), funded in part with a grant from Nebraska Environmental Trust. The mission of the NeRAIN Project is to collect greater and more accurate statewide precipitation data.

Forestry & Wildlife

Trees do make a difference. They are a part of our future. They provide wildlife habitat, reduce soil erosion, enhance water quality, save energy costs, help clear the air and add beauty to our homes and farmsteads. More below...

Flood Control

The first flood control structures in the Middle Republican NRD were constructed in the 1950's and 1960's with federal funding. These structures are located along the Dry Creek Drainage area. Additional flood control structures were built in the 70's and 80's along the Blackwood and Medicine Creek drainages. The NRD oversees a total of 33 floodcontrol structures.


Cost Share

 The Middle Republican Natural Resources District offers cost-share programs to land owners wanting to apply conservation practices promoting water and soil conservation as well as water quality.

Landowners can utilize land treatment practices such as terraces, grassed waterways, diversions, terrace enlargements, or grass seeding.  Well decommissioning, flow meters, and other irrigation water management methods are encouraged.