Section 2-3201: Natural Resources, Declaration of Intent.

"The Legislature hereby recognizes and declares that it is essential to the health and welfare of the people of the State of Nebraska to conserve, protect, develop and manage the natural resources of this state. The legislature further recognizes the significant achievements that have been made in the conservation, protection, development and management of our natural resources and declares that the most efficient and economical method of accelerating these achievements is by creating natural resources districts encompassing all of the area of the state, as provided by this Act."

This legislation created twenty-four Natural Resources Districts in the State of Nebraska. The initial twenty-four (now 23) NRD District boundaries were based on the approximate hydrologic boundaries of the recognized river basins of the State.

The Middle Republican Natural Resources District, which encompasses Hayes, Hitchcock, Red Willow, most of Frontier, and the lower 1/3 of Lincoln Counties, began operations on July 1, 1972. On that date, the District accepted the assets, liabilities, and obligations of the Hayes, Hitchcock, Red Willow, Frontier and Lincoln County Soil and Water Conservation Districts.