Forestry & Wildlife

Trees do make a difference. They are a part of our future. They provide wildlife habitat, reduce soil erosion, enhance water quality, save energy costs, help clear the air and add beauty to our homes and farmsteads. More below...

The Middle Republican Natural Resources District encourages land and homeowners to plant trees and shrubs. The tree program is one of the most visible and popular of the NRD's programs. Since the program began in 1973 more than 1.6 million trees have been planted in the district. Those trees have helped replace trees lost to farming and urban development and helped protect our precious topsoil from wind and water erosion. The district makes the entire process affordable and easy.

To get more information about the MRNRD tree planting program call us at (308) 367-4281.

WILD Nebraska

WILD Nebraska is a program designed to encourage landowners to set aside land for wildlife habitat. Landowners who participate in the program may receive cost share funds on habitat development materials, per-acre payments for land that is developed for habitat, and technical assistance in establishing habitat areas.

Get more information about WILD Nebraska from the following link: