Land Treatment

The Middle Republican NRD rents horizon drills and gopher getters to landowners. Poisoned milo bait is also available to apply with the gopher getter.


Horizon Drill* $7.00 per acre plus a $20.00 daily charge
Gopher Getter * $1.00 per acres plus a $20.00 daily charge
Poison Milo Bait**

$2.50 per pound

**Drills and gopher getters are located at the following counties in our district:

**Frontier (Curtis @ NRD)

**Hitchcock (Trenton @ NRCS)

**Red Willow (McCook @ NRCS)

**A current certified pesticide applicator card must be presented when buying the gopher bait.


Natural Resources Conservation Service Offices 


Field Office Phone
Frontier Curtis 308-367-4130
Hayes Hayes Center 308-286-3297
Hitchcock Trenton 308-334-5655
Red Willow McCook 308-345-4163

The Middle Republican NRD works closely with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and depends on each county office to assist us in carrying out and implementing our conservation practices.