August 2018

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Summary: Tracy Zink and Heath Ruf both sent in a letter of interest for the vacate position which both attended the meeting and talked about their intrest in the District and its future, the board voted and appointed Tracy Zink to the vacant position, motion was made to move $250,000.00 from NCROPE operations to NCORPE Creek Contingency and approve the proposed budget with that change, and the $10 occupation tax to go to the public hearing in September, Johnson submitted applications for 2 grants, motion was made to approve to enter into a contract with Red Thread with the Personnel and Programs overseeing their work, motion was made to approve the basin plan, NCORPE status report along with the report of the leafy spurge on the property, motion was made to approve the letter of support that Russell wrote fro the Platte River Diversion, motion was made to approve proposed easement resolution between the R & C Spencer Farms, LLC and the MRNRD as presented, motion was made to delegate Russell to seek additional financing qutoes with Morton and lending institutions in the District, and  the changes made to the original building design which dropped the price to $615,00.00 instead of $657,000.00