December 2016

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Summary: Interview for Curtis Field Sec. will begin soon, Johnson will begin working on the process for her Grant Approval for the High-tech Project, N-CORPE has started pumping & concerns relating to some bills we have received which are planned to be discussed at the N-CORPE meeting, Owens went over the amended resolution on the bonding which now included the language allowing the districts to put down additional funds on the refinancing that was previously approved, the motion to Amend the prior resolution authorizing the issuance of Limited Obligation Occupation Tax Supported River Flow Enhancement Refunding Bonds in the maximum principal amount not to exceed $23,750,000 for the purpose of refunding some or all of the outstanding Series 2013 Limited Obligation Occupation Tax Supported River Flow Enhancement Refunding Bonds previously issued by the NRD to NCORPE and lower the threshold of the proposed resolution to 4%, weather station in Hayes Center is up and running, technicians are cleaning up some the readings on the wells, approval to move into a lease between the MRNRD & the FVID Irrigation District @ $18/acre foot during compact call years and $9/acre foot during non-compact call years with a cap of $150,000 a year and will be a long term lease, discussion held regarding purchase of Enders water which the Bureau figured would be around 2,000/acre feet and would provide an approximate credit of 1,500 acre feet for the district, approval of the enders water @ $40/acre foot, TZA is working on the mound credit, staff reviewed the application for the Buffalo Plains Genetics  Farrowing Operation and found nothing of new concern, approval for the changes to the bylaws, approval of the recommended changes to the job descriptions as proposed by Russell.