February 2017

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Minutes: Rippen will be the NARD Treasurer, Johnson making the rounds with the legislature, logo has been completed, USGS map has been finished, Russell will be testifying as a neutral state for LB218, N-CORPE status was reported and there is an option to purchase bonding insurance that will get a better rating, Approval of paying the NCORPE quarterly bill was denied,  NCORPE is considering hiring a third-party audit and a possible land trade, Lindstrom  is reviewing the final draft of the Rules and Regulations, both contracts for the Enders & Culbertson canal water have been done, Brown & Caldwell is working with us on a proposal for the Red Willow Watershed, Merrigan reported that the emergency action plan has been completed, Campbell is working with the field office secretaries on the tree program, Russell sent in the management actions to DNR which Fasset stated he would approve them as they came in and Jesse Bradley has gone back to work at DNR.