July 2017

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Summary: Russell went over the current updates which are highlighted in gray for the draft budget, reviewed and approved the proposed insurance renewal from Harry A. Koch Company, NRCS reported that they would receive an additional $238,000 in EQIP funds which will be used to fill 20 preapproved CSP contracts and they don’t plan on hiring anyone for Ron Thompson’s position at this time, NNRC will be having a an open meeting to change some of the rules, Johnson stated that all the high tech irrigation equipment has been installed and is working on follow ups with the producers and that we got another new weather station that will be going up north of Indianola and will continue with the NWSF grants, Loomis reported that HDR is working with N-CORPE to help with the wind project and that there will be a meeting to discuss is on July 26th and that the audit is running slow