July 2018

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Summary: motion was made to accept the resignation of Buck Haag as chairman and board member, motion was made to nominate McConville for the position of Chairman, motion was made to nominate Randel for the position of Vice Chiarman, motion was made to put out a legal notice announcing a vacancy on the board and include a request for those interested in filling the vacancy until the end of the year to submit a letter of interest to the Board, draft budget was passed out and discussion was held, motion was made to approve the renewal throught Harry A Koch Company for the district insurance, Red Thread was out to make a proposal to the personnel and programs committee, NCORPE status report as well as the denial of paying the latest bill from NCORPE due to lack of budget, motion made to approve developing a checklist or the drills with a signed disclosure that they will be billed for damages, and a motion was made to accept the Morton building bid and direct the building committee to work directly with Morton to oversee the completion