March Regular Meeting 2016

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Summary: Variance Request 10-2015, Variance Request 11-2015, New Trenton Secretary started work, RCPP Application had been approved for funding for all 4 NRD’s in the Republican River Basin, Motion to approve capped payment of $485 from our NRD with a ceiling cap of total payment of $1000 for both the Ogallala Initiative and the RCPP, National Envirothon in 2020, Russell & Johnson Attending NARD Washington D.C. trip, Meet & Greet with Dan Hughes in McCook, Johnson & Russell spoke at Crop swap in North Platte, NE, N-CORPE status report, Motion to suspend all variances indefinitely pending revisions to the rules and regulations, working on agreements to get an additional weather station in Hayes Center, and Campbell will be starting to plant trees in April.