NEW 2020 Chemigation Permit Information

Thursday, January 9, 2020

The MRNRD is proposing changes to the Chemigation Permit process.  These changes will be in line with current law and provide a clear understanding of the Chemigation Permitting to all potential chemigators. No one should begin to chemigate without a permit or they will be fined. 

The MRNRD’s Chemigation changes will be sent out several times before the deadline but this is first notice! Proposed changes will be open for comments at a public hearing.

      New are Renewal Permit deadline will be June 1st every year

      Any chemigation needing a permit after June 1st will be considered an emergency permit

      Any chemigation being carried out without a permit may be subject to a $1000/day penalty

      The person listed as the certified applicator shall be the person who actually chemigates with that system