November 2017

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Summary: NRCS went over the deadlines for conservation practice sign up, NNRC reported on the scoring of the WSF Funding, Johnson has been reading meters in Frontier Co and attending meetings on with Ricketts and DNR on the preliminary forecast meeting, DNR has stated that it would be a compact call year but that no management actions would be required, NCORPE reported that the audit is coming along but they are still waiting on some more information and that it was decided to go back to every other month for meetings, Land Owners for a Common Purpose handed out materials and let their parties speak on the subject of selling the land, approval to add the suggested language on rule 5-4.8 basing the initial NCORPE allocation on historical use and to approve the rules and regulations as presented at the hearing along with the suggested change to 5-4.8