September Regular Meeting 2016

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Summary: Approval of budget to have mill levy at .031243 and occupation tax at $10.00, CREP renewal plans have been written, RCPP deadline of Nov. 18th 2016, Fall Conference coming up, Submission of three grants, Hosted the Managers Retreat in August, Spoke at the UNL Extension Field Day, Participation in the Soil Health Day at Culbertson, N-CORPE is still working on cleaning up log jams, CREP renewal issue with DNR requirements for Seward, Russell commented that we did receive three dam assessments, Amy Houser resigned & Burke donated sick leave to Houser, Kalia Kressin the Trenton Field Sec. 6 month review is up and will bumping her salary as discussed at the time of hire, working on changes to the personnel policy, the survey on Wellfleet Lake is being completed, and a brief has been filed on the Medicine Creek case.